About us

With more than 30 years of history and experience, clients all over Brazil and in various parts of the world, ISOFLEX is one of the largest manufacturers of Visual Management products in Latin America. Headquartered in the state of Paraná, Southern Brazil, it has a qualified and committed team, willing to offer national and international clients the best in their sector. Besides its headquarters in Brazil, it has resellers around the world, serving a very diverse public.

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ISOFLEX started with the demand of school boards, launched the Moppy White Board, which with its quality and 5-year warranty soon projected the Moppy brand throughout Brazil. Over time, the industries were looking for custom whiteboards, and in order to attend this need, the company started to invest in technology for the production of these boards and added other products in the production line like: signs, procedure display pockets, displays, and more, making it the largest provider of solutions for Visual Management in Latin America.

Benefits of Visual Management:

  • Improves the organization of the company;
  • Facilitates internal communication;
  • It reveals the main difficulties;
  • Follow-up of goals;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Cost Reduction;
  • Best application cost-benefit.

The concern with the quality of products is a constant at ISOFLEX. By choosing our brand, you can be sure you are purchasing a quality, easy-to-use and high durability product, manufactured with dedication, thinking of helping you and your company.